iTunes and Spotify ready Intergalactic themed digital album cover design for Mulholland Jive.

These digital album cover designs were created for musician ‘Mulholland Jive’. The brief was to produce a set of designs for the main single ‘Intergalactic’ and the derivative single releases, for use on digital platforms like Spotify and iTunes. The artwork needed to be based around an intergalactic, space theme, but with this theme applied in an abstract way to create a unique piece of cover art.

The album cover artwork was produced using a symmetrical design style, based around satellites forming a repeating pattern, interwoven with colours, textures, and galactic elements or forming around a central portal in the middle of the design.

The single cover artworks were derived from this main album cover design, using the core, satellite imagery cropped in different ways to form unique compositions. Each was given its own textures, additional assets, and colourway to form a unique cover design that works equally well on its own or as part of the whole set.

The cover artworks were created at the same time, thus helping to produce a consistent, cool look and feel across the release. It is great to work on a substantial project like this, producing covers for iTunes, Spotify etc, as part of a series. This approach to working on a series of music release artworks is beneficial ina. few ways, not only in getting a strong consistent look to the set but also allowing the client to get a full set of designs in one go and begin to promote and plan he releases as a set.

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