The Bloodstock Festival is well-known amongst heavy music fans and lovers of all things metal. This year the festival ran a competition for designers and artists to design a cover for a track by any of the acts playings on the 2021 line-up.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get involved, become a heavy metal album cover designer and create a couple of cover designs, just a great excuse to get creative and challenge myself. One great thing about the genre is the unlimited imagination, complete disregard of trends or subtlety and the creative freedom it offers you as a designer to create some really unusual artwork. So with that in mind I went to town in creating these pieces.

The designs I created were for the Devon Townsend Project and metal legends; Judas Priest. I chose two to illustrate artwork for the tracks ‘Genesis’ (Devon Townsend) and ‘Flamethrower’. (Judas Priest).

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