In this video, I break down how I created the artwork for Beat Assassins ‘System Overload’. I go over workflow, working process & what’s involved with creating an effective digital music cover.

I love to watch videos of other creatives talking about their process, how they go about putting together ideas and what techniques and workflows they employ.

I wanted to contribute my own content to the pile, and have decided to produce a series of videos talking about my approach to design, with a  focus on designing for music.

The videos will centre around the process behind creating a design for music, what’s involved, what to think about, workflow tips and how to go about taking a brief and turn it into a piece of work that the client will be happy with.

I’m not going to focus too much on technique and photoshop tutorials as these are done to death, but want to talk more about the practical side, workflows and how to get ideas. The stuff that really matters!

These will hopefully be useful for designers of all levels, and answer some of the questions I get regularly emailed. I also want them to be of use to people on the client-side, artists and labels looking to get artwork commissioned.

I’m going to cover topics like the working process, getting ideas, practical things to think about when creating artwork for digital, branding, logo design techniques, and briefs, along with anything else of interest. I will be breaking down some of my current and previous designs to show what went into creating the work.

The first one is up online now. I talk about how I created the Beat Assassins ‘System Overload’ artwork. Focusing on the process, workflow, some practical tips and that kind of thing

Let me know what you think of the video and if you would like to see anything specific in the future.