For a few years, I’ve been creating cover artwork and music design work for Beat Assassins…

It all started when I was asked to design a logo and branding that would give Beat Assassins a fresh new look. This initial gig soon snowballed into crafting cover artwork designs and, eventually, even taking a crack at designing their website.

Beat Assassins have been on the scene in their current format since 2016, previously being a duo the label is now run and music produced by Jimmy. (Previous other member being Joe from Sigma) and that’s around the time I jumped on board. Since then, I’ve been riding the creative wave with them, churning out more than 20 releases for the label. My mission? Come up with cover designs that not only catch the eye but also pack a punch, making Beat Assassins pop on hectic music hubs like Spotify, iTunes, and Beatport.

BA’s design style is bold, it’s in-your-face, it mirrors the style of the label’s music. My job is to make sure the visuals reflect the music’s soul. It’s about creating artwork that not only looks cool but connects with fans on a deeper level, doing justice to the beats that fuel Beat Assassins. fans.

For more info check out Beat Assassins Soundcloud
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