The logo design concept for Black Sun Empire

Whilst revisiting some old work I was going through some folders and came across this project I created for the drum and bass collective, Black Sun Empire. Sad to say this logo never made it through the approval process. So it remained for years buried in a folder.

I was invited to submit some concepts for the logo and brand design for Black Sun Empire. The brief was pretty open, with just some vague visual references to work from. Bering a fan of Black Sun Empire’s music, and feeling that I understood their look and feel they were going for with the design I was happy to create my designs for their logo and brand.


The design was created around the idea of combining the letters BSE into one shape. I looked at the way old clock and digital watch LED screens work, the way they have a ‘grid’ of linear shapes at different angles, that can be combined to create any digit. This idea was adapted to form the BSE letters. The logo was versatile in as much as it could be used as individual letters, or combined to make the symbol and the symbol could be repeated to create a cool pattern.

The design played on a retro, sci-fi, digital display look and feel, using this angle to link with the overall sci-fi aesthetic I felt represented Black Sun Empire and came through in the mood boards of their brief.

As well as the design work in the ways above, the logo design also created an interesting and unique brand pattern. This logo design device could potentially be used across all kinds of platforms, from social media backgrounds and website design elements, through to merchandise designs and packaging.

The logo design had a degree of versatility to it, which is something I strive for with my music logo designs. Having a logo with elements within it that can be used in different ways helps to build a consistent brand. This kind of thinking when creating a brand and, logo design for a music project is important and can help to lift the overall project.

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