GDPR Statement

Dear Customer,

As you may be aware the Data Protection Act Directive 95/46/EC is to be superseded by a new EU regulation under the title of EU GDPR (European Union General Data Protection Regulation).  The GDPR aims to prevent security breaches and the loss of personal data by any organisation that hold or process that data.  This regulation change will affect any organisation that processes personal data of EU citizens. This EU GDPR has a live date set for the 25th May 2018.

The GDPR has clear guidelines concerning the storing and processing of PII (personal identifiable information) and Devolution Designs  are actively making changes to the components of the business that will be affected by this new regulation.  Many of the principles outlined in the GDPR are already in place and there are only a few changes needed by the deadline and these will be freely available on our website privacy policy.

Devolution Designs is, in accordance to the GDPR the data controller, and we use-third party companies to fulfil the tasks required of us in terms of product delivery. Agreements are in place with our providers who are ISO certified to process your data. 

Devolution Designs meet the GDPR principles for processing lawfully, fairly, and in a transparent way in relation to individuals.  As data controllers we are responsible for the security of the data we hold and collect for a specific and authentic purpose.  We are constantly working on ‘self-service’ improvements to our websites’ contact pages to assist in the accuracy of the data we hold, and to allow our customers to exercise their rights as outlined in the GDPR.

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