This is a brief look at the logo design project for techno artist ‘Eynka’.

The idea behind the design of this logo came from the concept of creating a design that represented the feeling of shaped intertwining, to create other shapes. The design is the result of an evolution of attempts exploring the visualisation of the way that techno works in a live setting. The way a live techno set is an amalgamation of many different sounds and rhythms, intertwining to create new interesting engaging sounds within those spaces that gradually morph and evolve.

I wanted to convey that sense of movement and flow through the designs. The initial concepts concentrated more on complex three-dimensional designs that intertwined, almost as if imagining them coming to life and moving. Although these initial designs looked good, EYNKA fed back that the design should be a bit more straight forward.

As always in these projects, it’s important to ensure that the final result is one that resonates with how the client sees their music and how they want to be conveyed. So we looked at more rounded flowing fonts and focussed more on that aspect of the design as a foundation.




The final design was built around the ‘e’ shapes, and using this as the basis I was able to create a design that fell in line with the initial ideas but bought the overall design into a more simplistic, and refined concept.

You can find out more about EYNKa and check out the music via their Facebook page here or their Beatport page here

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