Well, Lex Luther has taken to the white house!

The first facist president is in the White House.

Its a sad day, but in the grand scheme of human history I am sure we will look back at this not as the start of the end but a start of the end of apathy. At times like these great creativity is often inspired, I know I feel energised.

I won’t rant and rave too much here, after all the internet is full of hate now, why add to it? Suffice to say America has voted in a man who is not only hateful, ignorant, sexist, racist and has little knowledge of foreign policy but is at his worst divisive and who’s term will have potentially have devastating effects on our environment and the real crisis we face. Global warming.

Shepard Faiery (Obey) is one of my all time inspirations, has visual language is so articulate and direct. This series of prints sums up he situation perfectly.

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