Serial Killaz return to their legendary Streetlife Label with their aptly titled ‘Jungle Came First’ EP, featuring 5 wicked riddims that will cater for everyone looking for that feel good vibe. It really spans across the board from brand new flavours, chilled out vibes to a mixture of 90’s meets 2016. This EP is nothing short of an education for the masses.

The title track ‘Jungle Came First’ slams straight in with a bassline heavy horn intro which builds into something that can only be described as full on bouncy upfront jungle. Percussion patterns link effortlessly with elastic bass that will no doubt appeal to previous fans of Serial Killaz production.

Switching into beautiful atmospheric pads and reverbed vocal samples, the intro of ‘Sub Dub’ certainly sets a different tone. The progression from the intro is effortless and the whole track has a certain element of calm and tranquility which takes the listener on a rolling journey while still forcing them to nod their head to the infectious kick and snare.

‘Tubes and Springs’ is in a similar style to ‘Sub Dub’ and although slightly more upbeat with it’s drum patterns and driving bass, it’s easy to hear how well both tracks compliment each other. What really makes this track though, is the crafty under the kick bassline that will shake you to your core.

Taking elements of various Serial Killaz roots, ‘Prophecy’ follows that familiar route of reggae samples aplenty and jolly organ samples before crashing down with chopped Amen breaks and plenty of wicked drum programming. This one is certainly for the original die hard junglists!

‘African Drums’ finishes off the EP and provides a nice blend of everything so far and tosses them into a big mixing pot. As the track moves forwards, so does the elements of production as if the longer you listen, the more things develop.

You can buy it here

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