Uploaded new music logo designs to the portfolio (Click here to view them). 

The logos are pretty varied and include designs for folk singer ‘Steph Macleod’, whose album artwork I also completed recently. As well as that design, there are designs for EDM / Dubstep artist No Life which is a fun, hand-drawn job. Always fun to do.

I’ve also complete design work for Fabio & Grooverider’s new drum and bass label Procreation (an amalgamation of Fabio’s Creative Source record label and Grooverider’s seminal Prototype label). The design should be out and about by now. So lots going on and lots of updated coming over the next month or so.

You can view the entire portfolio by clicking here 

If you want to look at getting your branding sorted, get a professional logo design or artwork done make sure to email me.  Its easier and not as painful as you might think! [email protected]


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