I have begun experimenting with AI in some of my design work.

I am combining my usual style of artwork with AI-generated imagery. Specifically, I have been using the Bing image generator and also the Beta version of Adobe Firefly.

I decided to try working with AI in my design work to see what happened.

Whilst I don’t see AI completely taking over my creative process, it is brilliant when it comes to generating imagery you want to use. It freed up my process and allowed me to get nearer to my vision, not having to compromise with the closest thing. I use a lot of photography ad stock imagery in my work, and you are limited but what exists in your libraries. AI allows me to generate exactly what I want and combine it with photography to create a more unique and original design.

In this poster for Science Frikshun, I generated the speaker towers, something I wouldn’t have been able to create easily, other than using an expensive 3D designer or spending hours building them from photographs. If that was the case I may not have pursued this idea and tried something a bit more straightforward.

While AI is a powerful tool in design work, it should not replace human creativity and intuition. Designers still play a crucial role in conceptualizing ideas and infusing their unique artistic vision into their work. The combination of human creativity with the assistance of AI technology has the potential to produce truly remarkable music artwork that captures the essence of a song or album.

Overall, I have to say I like, no LOVE AI image generation and the freedom it gives me. I don’t see it as cheating as the concept still has to be created and the design needs to be executed so a creative human needs to be there at some stage of the process. At least for now…

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